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PPC for eCommerce Sites


Pay-Per-Click From Award-Winning Experts

The eCommerce business and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are a match made in heaven. If you sell products online but don’t run Google Ads, Google Shopping Ads, remarketing ads, and several other PPC platforms, you’re doing it wrong. Maybe you already do PPC, and you’re not getting the results you want. 1SEO Digital Agency is here to help. As an award-winning digital marketing company and a Google Premier Partner, we have the expertise, experience, tools, and time to manage your PPC campaigns and get you an influx of new traffic and revenue.

With our strategic methods of PPC for an eCommerce site, we’ll get you:

Basics of PPC for eCommerce

PPC is pay-per-click. You bid on keywords with a price that roughly matches what a click is worth to you, called “cost per click,” or CPC. If you sell thumbtacks, the CPC is low. If you sell diamond rings, it’s higher. You’ve probably searched something on Google and noticed the links at the top of the page, marked as ads. Those are PPC ads. If your ad is there, and a person clicks on it, you pay a small fee to Google.

The reason PPC is such a great marketing strategy for eCommerce websites is that it’s clear why someone clicks that link: to buy a product. Compared to websites providing content or services, eCommerce sites see more qualified buyers through PPC ads. PPC works for the customer, and it works for the business. Everyone wins.

Google Shopping Ads

The Google Shopping platform is particularly valuable for eCommerce, with pictures, prices, and product scores shown immediately to searchers. Google’s sophisticated search engine generates results by specific features, sizes, colors, to give users an easy buying path.

Showcasing your products in the top positions in Google Shopping Ads can be great for your business. It requires tactical keyword research and bidding, which our PPC experts will do for you.

Remarketing Ads

Imagine a customer browsing your online store to buy a specific product — let’s say it’s a pair of size 11 gray Converse sneakers — but they get distracted and move on with their day. The next day, they go to some other website and buy those shoes from a different company. Sounds frustrating, right? Remarketing ads aim to alleviate that.

When you begin a remarketing campaign, you keep track of shoppers who visit your site. When those shoppers hop back on the internet, you can show an ad directly to them. Better yet, you can show them an ad for the exact product they searched on your site. In this example, before that customer goes to another site, they see your ad with the exact pair of size 11 gray Converse sneakers. When you remarket, you know you’re marketing to the right people.

Remarketing requires planning and savvy web skills, and we surpass both those requirements. When you sign up for PPC services with 1SEO, we can craft a strategic remarketing strategy for you.

Our PPC Process

What actually happens when you start doing PPC services with 1SEO? Here’s a quick breakdown:

We start by asking questions and getting to know your business and its goals. We don’t push for services you don’t need or lock you into long-term contracts. We serve you.

We do keyword research to find the most-searched, most-valuable keywords for products like yours.

We look at what you’re up against, your competitors’ websites, marketing strategies, campaigns, keywords, and ads, and we tailor a strategy that gives you the upper hand.

Our talented content writers collaborate with our PPC experts to write compelling titles and descriptions that help attract clicks and customers.

We set up tracking to see how well your PPC campaign is performing every step of the way. Are you getting clicks, and are those clicks turning into sales? We’ll have the answers, from high-level ROI to nitty gritty details.

We’ll provide periodic reports of your campaign, focusing on the metrics you care about most.

Google Search Ads

The more widely recognized PPC ads on Google look like traditional search results. but they’re marked as ads. For some product searches, Google Shopping results are pushed to the side of the page, and the “regular” ads are in the top spots. They usually have more text such as a page title and a description, as opposed to images, price, and product score.

The strategies for attracting customers through Google Search ads are generally the same, with some minor tweaks. Let our experienced PPC team deal with the details and bring in customers at the right price.

Other Search Networks

Yahoo and Bing don’t have the volume of users that Google does, but they make up for it with competitive pricing for PPC marketing. When you work with Yahoo Gemini and Bing Ads, you generally get better CPC. You also need to do more work for a lower gross benefit. 1SEO can streamline the process and integrate Yahoo and Bing into your PPC services.