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Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce Sites

Is Your Online Store Optimized?

Search engine optimization is an absolutely essential part of digital marketing for eCommerce websites. SEO gives you a leg up on the competition by helping your pages show up at the top of search results. When someone does a Google search, you want your site to be the first thing they see. Studies show that over 75 percent of users click on one of the first three organic search results. Without organic traffic driving customers to your site, your online store is missing a huge opportunity to grow your business.

1SEO Digital Agency has a team of experts in eCommerce SEO. We’ve helped hundreds of eCommerce companies enhance their SEO through keyword research, effective on-page content, site organization, technical functionality of your website, and backlinking to show Google what a great product your site is, and rank your pages accordingly.

Site Evaluation

When you talk with an 1SEO Digital Agency digital marketer, we’ll start by assessing your business goals and the current state of your website. From here, we’ll be able to recommend an SEO package that works best for you. We customize all our work to your specific needs.

Keyword Research

The most basic building block of SEO for eCommerce is a good keyword strategy. What terms do people search most when looking for your types of products? What keywords do your competitors use? Our SEO experts use advanced SEO tools to figure this out for you.

Once you start an SEO campaign with us, one of the first steps is to approve a keyword list. We’ll make a list of keywords we think you should target and associate those keywords with pages that may or may not exist on your site.

Keyword research isn’t an exact science. It takes some experience and instinct to choose your targets wisely. Depending on your product offering and the competitiveness of your space, you may not always want to go after the keywords with the largest search volume. And depending on how your site is structured, you may want to direct traffic to category pages or more specific product pages. It’s all about giving users the best experience possible. That’s Google’s goal, so that should be your goal too.

On-Page Content

Once you know what keywords you’re going after, on-page content is how you go about getting it. Here’s a quick list of the simplest elements of on-page content:

All these elements should use keywords wisely, in a way that helps Google know what your pages are about, and in a way that’s natural and clear to your customers.

There’s much more to on-page content. Images help legitimize your pages, especially for a site selling physical products, and they contain their own set of titles and descriptions that search engines see. There are subheadings (called H2, H3, H4, etc.) that help structure the page content. There are buttons to buy products, filters to help users find the right product, and links to help them navigate your online store. These help users, and Google notices. At 1SEO, we’ll help you make sure your on-page content is up to snuff to give you the best chance at reaching the top of search results.

Site Organization

Google’s “bots” crawl your website much like a human would. They start at the homepage and “click” on links to find more pages, which they can then assess to see what value they provide to users. Google wants to see sites that are easy and logical to navigate.

Bad site organization is a surprisingly common problem in eCommerce. With most online stores carrying so many products, proper site organization requires smart, thorough planning. Our SEO experts can set you up with a great plan for a new site, or detangle an existing site.

URLs, the addresses of website pages, should follow the structure of your site you’re showing to users. This is also a common problem for eCommerce sites, which can be tricky and tedious to fix. 1SEO will put in the thought and time to make sure your URL structure is perfect and save you a lot of trouble.

Technical SEO

Websites can be complicated machines, even for people with some experience in web development. There are many technical aspects of your site to tackle. When they’re in order, your site runs like a race car and gives the content the best chance of ranking for keywords. When they’re broken, they can ruin all your SEO efforts.

One of the most well-known aspects is page speed. Most users won’t wait more than two seconds for a page to load before returning to the search results and finding another page. For pages to load as fast as possible, there are many measures you need to take, such as using efficient page code, loading elements in the correct order, and using images that are the optimal size. 

Sites also need technical aspects like properly formatted sitemaps, page caching, structured data markup, proper use of hidden files, cleanliness from redirected or broken links, and so much more. This is another part of SEO that requires knowledge and tedious work. Let our experts give your site a comprehensive technical SEO audit, along with a roadmap for making much-needed updates.


Backlinks, or “external links,” are links from other sites that direct users to your site. When your site has a lot of backlinks, especially backlinks from reputable sources, that is a huge boon to your website’s reputation in Google’s eyes. At 1SEO, we coordinate entire campaigns centered around gaining backlinks to your site. 

For eCommerce sites, backlinking doesn’t get as much emphasis as a site that reports news or provides a knowledge resource, but it’s still a Google ranking factor, and you can still find ways to inspire linking from other sites. Talk with our experts for guidance on choosing a digital marketing strategy that includes a backlink campaign.

Final Word on SEO for eCommerce

SEO may seem like an exercise in jumping through tedious, tricky hoops that you’d rather not deal with. There are many saving graces to SEO, though. Keep in mind that the purpose of a search engine is to direct users to pages that best satisfy their query. By optimizing your website for SEO, you’re also improving your site for your customers. SEO isn’t about gaming the system; it’s about maintaining a great website that provides legitimate value.

It is also a self-fulfilling endeavor. The better you optimize for SEO, the more traffic you’ll get. The more traffic you get, the more you’re recognized as an authority in your space. The more that happens, the easier it will be to rank higher for more keywords, and you’ll get more traffic. It’s a snowball effect. 

Many business owners and website managers bemoan the fact that SEO can take some time to gain momentum. Some people claim that site optimization will impact your rankings within three months, six months, a year — but nobody really knows. There are too many variables, such as your industry, your competition, what differentiates your site, the current state and reputation of your site, and much more. The earlier you get started, the better.